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Raj Salwan for Mayor: Mayor for ALL

Building a Better Fremont Together

Mayor for ALL
Raj Salwan believes in a government that is accountable, transparent, and responsive to the needs of every Fremont resident. It’s time for a change—a change that brings common sense solutions to the challenges our city faces.

Addressing Critical Issues
Fremont is currently grappling with several pressing issues: homelessness, rising crime rates, public safety concerns, traffic gridlock, and deteriorating infrastructure. Raj Salwan understands the urgency of these problems and is committed to finding effective solutions.

Common Sense Solutions
Raj Salwan is the candidate who will lead Fremont towards a better future. With his practical approach, he will bring fresh ideas and implement tangible measures to tackle the issues head-on.



Raj Salwan recognizes the importance of addressing homelessness with compassion and practicality. He will work collaboratively with community organizations, develop affordable housing options, and provide support services to help individuals transition out of homelessness and into stable lives. He also believes those suffering from severe mental illness and addiction should receive support services to help them transition to productive lives.

Public Safety

Keeping our community safe is a top priority for Raj Salwan. As Mayor, he will strengthen partnerships between law enforcement agencies, invest in community policing programs, and support initiatives that promote a secure environment for all residents. He will also invest in best training practices and build trust between residents and law enforcement. He will invest in the MET program that pairs up mental health experts, social workers, and Police Officers to address calls for service for mental health crisis or homeless services.

Traffic Solutions

Traffic gridlock is a daily frustration for Fremont residents. Raj Salwan will work to alleviate congestion by improving transportation infrastructure, exploring innovative transit options, and advocating for smart growth strategies that prioritize efficient commuting. He has already implemented several strategies to improve traffic congestion including modern signal timing and reducing regional cut through traffic through neighborhoods. As the alternate for City of Fremont on Alameda County Transportation Commission, he has voted on improving our freeway interchanges.

Infrastructure Improvement

Our city’s infrastructure is in need of attention and maintenance. Raj Salwan will prioritize investment in infrastructure projects, including road repairs, utilities, and public facilities, to ensure a safe and functional environment for all residents.

Climate Change

Raj Salwan understands the urgency and importance of climate change. On City Council, Raj Salwan has taken a leadership role in achieving net zero emissions (carbon neutral) by 2045 or sooner, and 55% reduction by 2030 or sooner.

Join the Movement!
We invite you to join the movement for a better Fremont. Together, we can create a city government that truly works for every resident.

Get Involved!

  •  Volunteer your time and skills to help Raj Salwan’s campaign.
  •  Make a Donation to support our efforts in creating positive change in Fremont.
  •  Spread the word about Raj Salwan’s vision for a better Fremont by engaging with friends, family, and community members.

Contact Us
We welcome your feedback, questions, and concerns. Reach out to us to learn more about Raj Salwan’s candidacy:

Together, let’s build a better Fremont—a city that works for all its residents.

Vote Raj Salwan for Mayor!

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